List of Blue Species In The Marvel Universe

On a recent episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Lady Sif gives Coulson a rundown of seven possible alien species that could be in the hydro-tube. Here they go:

  1. The Interdites
  2. The Pheragots
  3. The Levians
  4. The Sarks
  5. Frost Giants
  6. The Centaurians
  7. The Kree

Aliens aren't the only blue skinned creatures in the Marvel Universe. Is the guy in the tube one of the seven that Sif listed? Here are other blue skinned species in the Marvel Universe (alien and non) that may also be a possibility if Marvel wants to throw us for a loop!

Ice Elves

The Ice Elves are inhabitants of Alfheim, and are icy counterparts of the Light Elves. Not much else is known about them except that they are fun-loving, and happy beings who prefer cold weather.

While the chamber may be an icy habitat for it, our tube dude doesn't seem to have pointy enough ears to be an elf, or a Frost Giant for that matter. I am also not sure how Elves would tie in to the whole thing.



Another blue skinned alien race that not much is known about. Luphomoids are from the planet Luphom in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Luphomoids made their first appearance in Nova #1 in 1976. Known Luphomoids are Nebula along with her alleged Father Zorr, Uncle Kraa and Aunt Xira (Spirit). With Nebula and Nova corps being in the Guardians of the Galaxy, this could be a likely suspect.




When I compare the way the Ethereals look in this picture, to the guy in the tube... I think they look the most similar.

The Ethereals are a tribe of intelligent and advanced humanoids living in the Savage Land that were genetically engineered thousands of years ago. They have many different abilities, the main one being able to manipulate extra-dimensional energies, and can transform themselves into a form of energy.

For a long time they were considered to be mythical creatures by other tribes, until Torran, representing the Ether tribe, shows up to represent at a meeting of all the Savage Land tribes. Could the guy in the tube be Torran? Some time ago there was a mention that Marvel may be working on a Savage Land movie, and that there have already been hint drops in their cinematic universe

I don't even watch S.H.I.E.L.D, but I want to throw my vote in for an Ethereal. Why? No logical reason. I just think ethereal beings are cool, and I wouldn't complain about a Dinosaur filled Savage Land tie-in / movie! Or maybe a Savage Land show? Hells yeah.


LESS LIKELY Races Or NOn-Marvel studios owned

  • Trionians - From Planet Trion. First Appearance in Space Knights #1
  • The Currs - From the Negative Zone. First appearance was Annihilation Silver Surfer #1, so Fox may hold the rights.
  • Homo Mermanus (Atlanteans) - Namor and likely the Atlanteans movie rights fall under Universal Studios, but it is not impossible to be an Atlantean.
  • The Bolovites - A blue species from the Negative Zone. First appearance Annihilation Heralds of Galactus #2. Likely Fox owned.
  • The Solons - From planet Solon, the forth from the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy. Fox likely owns the rights since their first appearance was in Fantastic Four #237
  • Slavers - (Pictured Left) Unknown origin. First appearance in Excalibur #17, so if its X-related, it is Fox owned anyway. 


Other Not-So-Humanoid Blue Species

None of these guys fit the description of our blue guy, but for blue Marvel species education and good measure...

  • Bamfs - Are little mini nightcrawler looking elves, much like Kitty Prydes Bamf doll. Their first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #153. They are from Earth 5311 and apparently like making whisky. (Fox Studios)
  • Boggies - (Pictured Right) Bat-like humanoid creatures from an unknown alien dimension. First appearance Nightcrawler #2 (Fox Studios)
  • Zarkons - From planet Zarko. They sort of look like Humpty Dumpty and made their debut in Sun Girl #3 1948


I may want to believe its Ethereals, but likely its Kree. Check out this Kree Action figure. Matches with the unusual scar on the blue alien, no?

So there you have it. A big ass list of blue species in the Marvel Universe. Am I missing anyone?




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