Child of the Sun Creator Michael Van Cleve Interview with Pete's Basement Extras!

Michael Van Cleve's "Child of the Sun" is an epic tale of the Biblical strongman Samson, and the woes of a broken heart, shattered by the beautiful Adrianna. That's what happens when you fall in love with the wrong woman, Sammy! (Ramon described her best when The Basement Crew reviewed Child of the Sun in Season 9, Episode 6. Go and watch it to hear what he said! HINT: It isn't very nice)

Samson's best friend is the hero of Greek mythology, the mighty demigod Heracles! Where Samson is quiet and serene, Herc is the exact opposite. This guy lives for booze, broads, and brawls! What kind of strain can that put on their friendship, one has to wonder?

Mike joins The Basement Crew via The Pete Phone and talks about how he first came up with the idea for Child of the Sun, as well as the personal course his own life took from the inception of the story to where it is today. Mike has assembled a cadre of talented artists to bring his creation to life, each penciling their own issue. There's even a rotating cast of amazing cover artists! 

See what's in store for Samson, Heracles, and Adrianna in the following issues of Child of the Sun, as well as where you can get some copies of your own!

Get ready for the full interview here! 


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