Pete's Basement's No Shave November Final Results

Well, that's it everybody! The results are in! 
The Pete's Basement No-Shave November Team - Pete, Ramon, Cheezeburger, Roger, Dennis, and Kyle, would like to thank everybody who participated in letting their beards and everything else hairy grow out for a good cause!

Thanks to all of our friends and family who donated and made the Pete's Basement Team's fundraiser a success! 

Check out the pix below for the Basement Beards!
Pete definitely liked his beard, and even got some compliments on it! A few were even from women! Real live women!
He says it was fun growing it, and will definitely do it again. Just maybe not quite so lumberjack-esque next time. He much refers his Tony stark look.
Cheezeburger Pete definitely got a few inches on his Neidhart goatee!
Now if Pete can just get him to gel it into a point...
Ramon pulled off some serious growth for a guy who doesn't normally let his wolf side out -- unless he's talking about boobs! 
Roger's catch saw the most growth when he started to #LetItGrow in the beginning of this month.
He's looking more and more like the guy the Basement Boys first met all those years go.
Kyle's rocking the classy stache' and beard combo. Its coming it nice and evenly.
A beard any dude could be proud of -- and knowing Kyle, he's gonna' #LetItGrow well passed November and into 2015!
Dennis has the lumberjack down to a science. The King of Beards in the Basement Crew Team, D-Mule has had his beard for quite a while and shows no signs of shaving any time soon!
Even Pete's buddy Tom got in on the game! Never one for growing facial hair, Tommy still knew he had to do his part for such a great cause!
Once again, thanks to everybody out there who made No Shave November a success, both for the basement Boys and for The American Cancer Society.
Til next year everybody -- #LetItGrow !!