Whitecell: Inoculation Creator Nick Melanshek Interview with Pete's Basement Extras!

Nick Melanshek's futuristic story Whitecell: Inoculation details the adventure of a black-ops soldier named The Ghost on a mission to cure a plague that has wiped out most of humanity!
But standing in his way are a psychotic band of nomads known as The Madness, as well as The West, a group of shadowy conspirators seeking to control what's left of the human race and force them all under their greedy thumbs.
Nick joins The Basement Crew via The Pete Phone and talks about how he first came up with the idea for Whitecell: Inoculation, as well  as the time it takes to go fro pencils to published, and the overall struggle if the freelance comic creator. 
But The Basement Boys loved Nick's concept after just one issue, and we think you will too! So listen up and watch the interview for the ways you can get ahold of tis epic first issue!

Check out Nick's facebook page: www.facebook.com/whitecellinoculation
Order your copy of the book:www.freefallcomics.bigcartel.com/product/white-cell-inoculation-1-digital