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Post It Gamer The latest videogame news, previews, reviews, and more. Silver Spade- New Album- "From The Ashes" available on itunes and their website!

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Michael Goldfine Awesome Certified Public Accountant, and certified HAM radio operator. Plus all around cool dude.


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Steve's Deninno's album; Keld Nala and Technically Check it out!

Our New York Daily News Article They gave us an awesome article, video, and photo gallery! Be sure to leave some comments and let them know how awesome we are! THE BEST site we found for comic wallpapers and previews of comic art!

Michelle Sheyon; Visual Artist Check her paintings out! Become a fan! They're awesome and unique! Just like Pete's Basement!

Michelle Sheyon; Visual Artist Elizabeth Sheyon; Visual Artist Check her paintings out too! Become a fan! They're amazing! Just like Pete's Basement!

Sever The Means Awesome Rock Band! Check 'em out on youtube!

Daniel Carlson Facebook page Daniel Carlson main site Check out his music! He has a new album out, Aviary Jackson! The most extensive site we found for information on artists, writers, inkers, colorists, whoever! Need to know what issues of Spider-Man were drawn by John Romita Sr.? What about which covers he did for Incredible Hulk!? Everything you need to know about your favorite comics is here! THE place to go for exclusive variant covers from Dynamic Forces, as well as signed limited editions from Alex Ross, John Romita Sr., and even Stan Lee himself!! Our good friends and dynamite bloggers who have nothing but impeccable taste. The most awesome SciFi show on NY Public Access!

Dr. Blogstein Check 'em out!

Dark Avenger c86 He reviews comics weekly too! Check him out! SciFi / Fantasy Search Engine A pretty rockin' blog, plus your guide to hundreds of official sites for comic book creators, publishers, conventions and more. Comic book resource directory

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