Comic Reviews- Week of 10/24- Steve


Captain America 19- Writer- Ed Brubaker, Artist- Steve Epting
Not necessary, but good. It was basically another origin story, but Brubaker is a good enough writer that it’s enjoyable and doesn’t simply just seem recycled. The story does include the need the U.S. had for other Captain Americas to take Steve Rogers’ place after World War II. The Cap that took over in the 50’s, I assume during and following the Korean and Cold War was Williams Burnside. He also is still alive and loses his mind a little, so after Steve Rogers fights him, it’s get arranged for Burnside to lose his memory so that the burden of being Captain America is lifted from him. Final issue of Cap? Ever? Why? Too good of a series?

Batman: The Dark Knight 13- Writer- Gregg Hurwitz, Artist- David Finch
Really Good.
Scarecrow has kidnapped a child and has locked her up in a confined space, much like he was locked up as a child by his own father for experimental reasons. Batman, of course is looking for the little girl and gets bested and restrained by the Scarecrow. For whatever reason, Batman’s shirt if off, but his mask stays on. I guess that is super-hero/super villain etiquette. Emily Post may have not included that chapter in her writing however. Anyway, the Scarecrow uses a special, super-duper toxin on Batman, causing the Dark Knight to turn on himself mentally, questioning his personal and professional relationships and how he doesn’t truly feel emotionally close to anyone.
I think Gregg Hurwitz was writing The Punisher for a while, and it wasn’t all that great, but I thought this was pretty cool. The next issue should wrap up this little story line.

A-Babies vs. X-Babies- Writer- Scottie Young, Artist- Gurihiru
Based loosely on the storyline of Avengers vs. X-Men, except the point of conflict is a Teddy-bear, or to be more specific, a Bucky-bear. This was a fun comic and is highly recommended. And it ended in one issue. The actual A vs. X storyline should have ended sooner than later as well. ‘Nuff said. The panel with Galactus was the best. The only thing better was Wolverine’s reaction to Galactus.

Wolverine Max 1- Writer- Jason Starr, Artists- Roland Bocshi and Connor Willumsen
Finally, a Wolverine Max book. The artwork wasn’t very good, could have been MUCH better. Why would they start out a much-anticipated book with such bad artwork?
At first, I began to not like it, Wolverine, with no legs, fighting a shark? Really? He should have just jumped it and been done with it. You see what I did there? Eh?
Anyway, but it got better and the story went back and forth between the present and the past with different artwork representing each time period, which is a nice style, if only the artwork was better. They didn’t curse too much, which was good. You don’t want to be given the green light to curse and then have it come up every other word. And they didn't go heavy on the gore or blood just because they can either. Overall, I liked it and will continue it. Wolverine starts out in Japan, washed ashore, with no memory of who he first. I always liked Wolverine in Japan. The first Wolverine book I ever picked up was Wolverine #31 and that storyline took place in Japan.

Amazing Spider-Man 696- Writers- Dan Slott and Christos Gage, Artist- Giuseppe Camuncoli
Really Good.
I liked it. The Hobgoblin thing doesn’t really interest me, but it’s really more there for comic relief I think. Max Modell as well. The only thing is, I thought Max Modell already knew Peter Parker was Spidey and just kept it to himself. The Madame Web angle makes me think they’re actually going to have the audacity to kill Spidey himself OR they’ll going to do a Clark Kent/Superman thing and kill “Peter Parker” or “Spider-Man” as far as their image in the public eye is concerned. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Only a few more months. I don’t think Pete will be happy. Or the rest of us for that matter.

Punisher: War Zone 1 of 5- Writer- Greg Rucka, Artist- Carmine Di Giandomenico
Really Good.
It’s basically Punisher vs. the Marvel Universe. At this time, it’s only the Avengers and Spidey who are involved, but there’s still four more issues to go. The premise makes sense to me. From the point of view of Spider-Man the Punisher’s fooled around long enough, with a lot of blood on his hands and he needs to be stopped. He only goes after bad guys, but he is still, technically a vigilante as far as people like the Avengers are concerned. It’ll be interesting to see how it all ends. I have faith in it because Rucka is writing it. But it is Marvel and it can always get bad. But as of issue 1, I like it. And I like that they sent Black Widow to go after him. Super powers need not apply. That makes sense. You send anyone else after him and the fight would realistically not last very long, even though he held his own against Spidey, but Spidey was holding back. If someone with powers really went after the Punisher to kill him, he’d be dead.

Overall, I liked what I read. And I read what I liked and I read…what I….liked to read….and….all right, now I completely messed this up. You guys were thinking, "Oh look, Steve finally came through....oh but he messed up the ending. What a dope."