Disney's Wreck-it Ralph. It Won't Wreck Your Day.

Wreck-it Ralph Poster

When I first saw the trailer for Disney's Wreck-it-Ralph, I knew I had to see it! A colorful video game universe that mingles with classic recognizable arcade game characters? Say word. My geek was overflowing and I could feel it oozing from my pores.

When I arrive at the movies the children were swarming like locusts cradling bags of buttery popcorn and caffeinated soda (as if they needed to be more wired) while barreling through the lobby to the theaters. I avoid near fatal accidents and hurry to my seat. As the movie introduction starts, I find myself really excited. Whee!

Wreck-it Ralph is the bad guy of the game "Felix Fix-it Jr." in Litwalk's Arcade. The game is simple; HUGE Ralph wrecks an apartment building with his bare hands terrorizing tenants, when the Hero Felix, controlled by the player, comes in with his magic hammer and fixes the wreckage. Felix is given pies by the tenants which supercharge him into fixing the building even faster. Felix saves the tenants, they award him with a medal, and throw Ralph off the building.

When the arcade closes for the night, and all the tenants go back to their apartments, Ralph goes back to the dump, where all the bricks and broken building debris gets pushed. Everyone praises Felix, but Ralph doesn't have a friend in the world. He's tired of sleeping in the dump while everyone else gets to sleep in the building. He wants to be the good guy for once, get the pies and win medals. He rebels against his programming and game-jumps in pursuit of glory so he can finally get his recognition.

When Litwalk's arcade closes for the night, characters congregate in Gaming Central Station (the power strip that all the arcade machines are plugged into). The wires act as subway tunnels that characters use to travel from the game to the hub. During the Gaming Central Station scene I wished that I had a pause button so I could try to locate as many characters as possible. While I didn't have time to recognize a lot, I was excited to see characters from Q-Bert, Street Fighter, and Super Mario Bros. What was my favorite cameo in Wreck-it Ralph? Well, where would you go to have a cold pint after a long day of work? To Tapper's of course, to get your root beer on. I had that game for the PC YEAAAAARRS ago, so I had a little fangasm over it's appearance. Straight up.

While the cameos were cool, Disney still makes it their own by creating original games and characters which the movie centers around. Ralph's adventures bring him to Hero's Duty (a military first person shooter in which you are stopping crazy alien-ish bugs from multiplying and invading) and Sugar Rush (a cutesy candy land Mario Kart type racing game). Sugar Rush getting the majority of the screen time.

The movie was a lot of fun and the whole theater was into it. Kids laughed but the adults laughed more, because lets face it, movies like this are really made for us so we can actually want to spend 13 dollars when our kids ask us to see it. I would even say its the type of movie you beg your kids to go see. The writing was great, the jokes were funny, and I very much loved Sarah Silvermans character Vanellope Von Schweetz, a racer from the Sugar Rush game. There was a lot of herself in the character, and it was awesome. She's one silly lady.

I never give movies awesome ratings, but I'd give this one a 4.5 out of 5. It loses .5 for not having some more nostalgic video game jokes or references in it. Its only half a star because its possible that Disney could not go or did not want to go all out since the characters were not their own.

Wreck-it Ralph had everything it needed to be a good movie. It looked good, it was funny, it had adventure, it had a love story, it had friendship, and learning to appreciate yourself and others. Good stuff. I left the theater very pleased, and very carefully as soda and popcorn were all over the place. Messy kids! It was a snack war zone, and it looked like an epic battle where I'm not sure who won.

On another note, I demand to play Sugar Rush. Who doesn't love a good Mario Kart type game? If Disney doesn't make this into a non-movie based game (which would be brilliant), they are slacking. Millions of people will buy it. I'll buy two. In fact, all the original games they created for this movie could easily be made into actual games.

This movie gets 4.5 stars, a 1-up shroom, and a mana potion. Check out Wreck-it Ralph, in theaters now!