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Aquaman 16- Writer- Geoff Johns, Artist- Paul Pellerier
The Atlaneans are under the impression that the "surface-dwellers" attacked them so they are ready to kill everyone who breathes air and have already started their assault on Boston, a coastal city. The thing with Vulko, Aquaman’s former advisor was unexpected, but where the hell did he just pull the scepter from? I’m afraid to even use my imagination….oh wait, I just did. It wasn’t pretty. Once Aquaman left to join the Justice League, Vulko was S.O.L and banished. I like the idea of the story. The crisscrossing between two or more books is the old way of doing things, but how do they expect to wrap it all up? Either Aquaman kills his brother or his brother goes “you mean, the air-breathing surface dwellers didn’t attack us? It was just a big misunderstanding? Boy is my face red.” We’ll see. Other than that, I like it. Good art. I think the story can be moving a little faster too at this point. Hopefully it gets wrapped up in the next issue of JL. They should crisscross it with a title that has absolutely nothing to do with the story; like He-Man.
Okay, calm down, that was just a little jokie-poo.

Batman: The Dark Knight 16- Writer- Gregg Hurwitz, Artist- Ethan Van Shiver
Batman is trying to track down who's dealing in arms (guns, not their actual, ah, nevermind). The Mad Hatter, has, well, has always been mad. And not mad, like angry. Mad like insane, so I like how they drew him wall-eyed (each eye facing different directions). It just amps up the crazy and the dialogue is used well here. Good back and forth between Batman and the Penquin. It's not overly technical or filled with exposition. Hurwitz is one of those writers that needs to find the right fit as he has not done well with other titles in the past. This type of story could work well in Detective Comics.
Art is good too.

Detective Comics 16 - Writer- John Layman, Artist- Jason Fabok
Very Good.
I know this is a few weeks old, but I don’t believe it was discussed. I liked the whole idea of the Joker being gone and that causing the people who worshiped him to finally crack and start their own cults. They begin carrying out Joker-like deeds and punishing those who appear to be against the Joker. Art was good too. Layman, for the most part, knows how to tell a story well.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 6- Writer- Keith Giffen, Artist- Pop Mhan
Very Good.
I wasn’t there, but I would bet money that the boys reviewed this on the show. Pete contacted me and made me read it right after he did and waited for my reaction. Orko, it appears at one point in time double-crossed He-Man. To think he was written this way threw us all for a loop. Plus, who is Skeletor talking to at the end of the book? Red robe.
Fun fact: Orko’s original name was Gorko. During the animation process, they needed to flip the image and having a “G”on the character’s shirt would not have worked because it’s not a symmetrical letter, however “O” is, so he became Orko. Originally Pete was named Reter, same reason! However, on his birth certificate it was written down as Peter, so they left it.

Masters of the Universe: Origin of He-Man 1- Writer- Joshua Hale Fialkov, Artist- Ben Oliver Good The back and forth between the past and present confused me at first (I’m easily confusable) and I had to read it a second time to understand what they were trying to do. Really cool artwork though.

Superior Spider-Man 2- Writer- Dan Slott, Artist- Artist- Ryan Stegman
Not good
Why? The artwork is good and everyone is being treated true to character, however the consciousness/ghost of Peter Parker is commenting on every decision and move Octavius makes and it’s going to get very, very unreadable if it lasts even two more issues. We get it, Peter doesn’t approve. And it looks like Carlie is going to figure it all out very, very soon. So what's the plan? She figures out how to switch it back? Or Dock Ock is tired of being Spider-Man and switches it back himself? A seance? No, I know; someone actually kills Superior Spider-Man and once Doc Ock's soul, shall be say starts to die, Petey comes back. LAME.
I think it would be much more interesting if someone that knew Doc Ock very well, makes the connection before MJ or Carlie or Aunt May. Imagine Sandman coming across Spidey as he is now and hears the way he suddenly talks. Even though his voice is Peter Parker’s, his voice patterns, phraseology and general choice of words belongs to Otto.
And one more thing, Doc Ock is a man of science and it makes sense that he's trying to come up with a mathematical answer as to how to bed MJ, but he's been in relationships before hasn't he? They make him out to be a robot....or Sheldon.