Favorite Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels- Steve

I'm compiling a list of graphic novels and trade paperbacks that I feel are not only worth reading, but worth owning. I'm going to be adding to the list little by little so check in for updates periodically.

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1. Spider-Man: Sinister Six
In the same way the Avengers brought together already established heroes (Thor, Hulk, Iron Man), the Sinister Six brought together six of Spidey's already established villains. You can't go wrong with the Sinister Six.

2. Revenge of The Sinister Six
The story is not included in Spider-Man: Sinister Six, but it's my favorite story to date. Art by Erik Larsen, one of my favorite Spider-Man artists. This story was early on in the Spider-Man run from the early 90's, right after McFarlane's. It has Spidey, Ghost Rider, Sleepwalker, and the Hulk, just to name a few. Great art and awesome story! Must have!

3. The Infinity Gauntlet
Awesome, awesome story, bringing together the Marvel Universe to defeat a common threat; Thanos. I miss the way stories were told then (early 90's). The writer didn't bog you down, trying to over-explain every little thing. Thor's hammer does what it does. We don't need to know why or how. I think when the writer feels the need to over-explain everything, they just want to show off that they know some science. Thanos remains to be one of my favorite, all time villains in the Marvel Universe.

4. Hush
Awesome story involving much of the Batman Universe. You will not go wrong with this book! Great surprise at the end. Ramon loves this book too, just in case you thought "what the hell do I care what Steve thinks".

5. Gotham Central Volumes 1 through 4
There are four volumes that have been traded and they are all awesome.
Written by the best police/detective/investigation writers in the comic book world,
Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker. These stories detail the Gotham Police Department
and how they deal with crime, their jobs, each other and the Batman.
Awesome stories. It gives Gotham that much more life.

6. The Sword
Crazy, insane, awesome story. The main character, Dara finds this sword, granting her superhuman powers and curing her paralysis. Four immortal gods, dating back to ancient Greece have blended in to society and learn that the sword has been discovered and they need to destroy it. What you find out is that the sword is big part of Dara's family history.
Great story!!

7. The Goon: Fancy Pants Edition Volume 1 through 3
What can I say about The Goon? Zombie Priest, Skunk Ape, Dr. Hieronymous Alloy!
If you like great dialogue, cool stories, awesome art and hilarious characters, you need The Goon!
Where and when the world of Goon takes place is not specific, however the
dialogue and characters are written as if they live in the 20's/30's.
Being a huge fan of James Cagney and movies from that era makes me love
The Goon even more. The Goon is ongoing and Eric Powell, the creator, continues
to release new issues, however these collections need to be in your, uh....collection.
They must!

8. Chew
Tony Chu has the power to taste something and the know of its origins. If he's sitting in a restaurant and eats a piece of chicken, he can tell where it lived, who killed it, how it got to the restaurant, etc. He works for the FDA as an agent and the series treats agencies like the FDA and NASA as if they were working for the FBI or CIA. Great humor, good pacing and awesome artwork! This is another series that is current, but it's a series that is good enough that you want to catch up and own! Ramon and I both loved the series since the beginning. A few months ago, Pete finally, finally caught up and he loves it now too!
We were able to interview John Layman, the creator and writer a few years ago.
Our Interview with John Layman

9. Fantastic Four: Books of Doom
Dr. Doom is my favorite villain in the Marvel Universe. This delves into his childhood, when his rule over Latveria began, his relationship with his mother and where his interest in alchemy comes from. A great story written by none other than Ed Brubaker with awesome artwork!

10. Groo
Groo lives in medieval times and loves to fight and slay, literally. He is the best at it.
He's none too bright though, easily getting mixed up and confused.
Groo always messes things up and in true Inspector Gadget fashion, bests and
beats any and all enemies and villains in the story. But as dense as he can be,
he can be a hero and never loses when it comes to a fray. Written by Mark Evanier
and illustrated by none other than Mad Magazine's Sergio Aragones.
These books have great artwork by Sergio and are funny, at times, laugh
out loud funny. Pick it up! Roger and I used to read Mad Magazine when
we were young and when I saw that Sergio Aragones was doing Groo, I
had to get it and I was not disappointed! All of the Groo trades are awesome!

11. JLA: Tower of Babel
Great story! Batman created a plan to neutralize each one of his fellow Justice League of America members in the event that one of them became out of control. Ra's al Ghul steals these plans and of course uses it against them. Great, awesome story. Art is good and the animation that the story was based on, Justice League: Doom was equally as awesome.

12. The Umbrella Academy
A millionaire inventor adopts seven children (siblings) with special powers. They form a group called The Umbrella Academy and save the world as children. This story takes place with them as adults now, but they get back together to save the world again after their adopted father dies. Great and cool art! Awesome, weird story. Each sibling has crazy powers and they're all dysfunctional. Created by Gerard Way, singer from My Chemical Romance. If Wes Anderson made a superhero comic, it would probably be this. If all that wasn't enough to convince you to read this, there is also a taking chimp named
Dr. Pongo. A talking chimp with an advanced degree! What else do you need?!

I'm going to keep adding to this list, so keep checking back from time to time!