Wolverine Origin II promo

Marvel has just announced that one of only two books shipping on Christmas Eve December 24th will be Wolverine: Origin II with its nifty two-layer acetate cover. The first cover will be Joe Kubert's wolves looking all menacing in the background, and the second layer, drawn on the acetate film, will be Wolverine's claws dripping blood, ready for the fight!

Remember Marvels from back in the 90s, with its cool double-layered acetate covers? It was one of the first times you'd ever heard the name Alex Ross, and those covers popped out at you like a 10ft balloon!
If you've ever taken an animation class you've dealt with acetate before - a clear plastic paper that animators use to create original animation cels, the stuff they make cartoons out of! Or at least, the stuff they used to make cartoons out of, before computers took over.

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