How to Get Trade Paper Backs for a Buck

Man, there's nothing I love more than spending peanuts on my unhealthy obsessions. And if you are reading this, it's safe to say that you'd also like to get down on some cheapy comic books.

Aside from thrift shops and yard sales, there's a few spots I like to hit up around the way where there's dudes selling used books on the street. Lots of lame-o romance novels, and spiritual self-help books to weed through, but sprinkled about the rejects are trade paper back comics. Boo yeah.

I've found some great and unusual books that I didn't have enough cash on me for at the time. I've found a lot of hard covers and plenty of soft covers. Sometimes they are beat up, but I've found a lot in great condition too. I just buy these to read and throw around, so the condition doesn't mean to much to me. Especially for the price of ONE bean. Prices vary, but I've never spent more than three bucks for a trade.

ROCKETEER ADVENTURESOddly, I never see Marvel or DC trades at any of the vendors I frequent. I see various independents and IDW up the ass. Sometimes it makes me feel like IDW doesn't lock up the back doors of their  delivery trucks that well.

Today, I picked up two really nice books for one buck each! Damn, that's good. The Rocketeer is a hardcover, and it's really great. It's a collection of Rocketeer Adventures #1-4 by IDW. 133 pages of fun from what I've read so far. I love the Rocketeer. I'm never disappointed. And with a cover price of 24.99, I got a total bargain.

The other book I snagged is a Doctor Who story also from IDW. It's a collected book of A Fairytale Life #1-4. I haven't read any of it yet. As far as Doctors and Companions go, I can't say The 11th, and the Ponds are my favorite, but I like Doctor Who stories, and when I get a 14.99 book for only a dollar, I can't complain.

Earlier this month I picked up three other books from the guy on the street too. Two of them are IDW, of course. I picked up this G.I. Joe Omnibus Volume 1 because of all the raving that Pete does about the series. I've always liked G.I. Joe and watched the toon a bit, so figured this might be good for me to gain some Joe knowledge. It collects G.I. Joe #0-13 and G.I. Joe Special: Helix. Its cover price is 24.99, but I got it for 2 bucks. The front cover has a fold in it, but I don't give a crap.

DOCTOR WHO: A FAIRYTALE LIFEJack Avarice is The Courier caught my eye for the J. Scott Campbell looking art, and the fact that this dude is a courier. I used to be a NYC foot messenger too, but unfortunately, I never got into any sexy spy situations. This book collects issues #1-5, and has a cover price of 19.99, but I picked it up for 2 beans. I haven't read the book yet, but it reminds me of the movie "If Looks Could Kill", where Richard Grieco gets mistaken for an international spy while on a High School trip with his French class and ends up in James Bond-like situations. Hilarity.

The last book in his months cheapy stash is actually NOT another IDW book! It's Vertigo, and I love me some weird twisted Vertigo stuff. A Sickness in the Family is about a family who starts dropping dead one by one of very unnatural causes. Are they cursed, or is there something to the rumors about the history of witchcraft in the area? I hope it's witchcraft. I love a good witchcraft book. It's a black and white art crime mystery with a cover price of 19.99. I picked it up for a buck.

Well damn, I did pretty good this month, no? I got 105 dollars worth of trade paper backs for less than the price of one at 7 bucks. You'll be surprised at all the good stuff you'll find at flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops, and the guy selling books on blankets up the block.


If you want to see some more of the cool geeky stash I've gotten second hand (other than comics too), check out this video I posted to the Pete's Basement Extras Youtube Channel a few months back.


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