Awesome Cyber Monday Sale on DC Volume 1 Graphic Novels

While everyone was trampling each other in Walmart and stabbing each other for parking spaces on Black Friday, I was patiently waiting for Cyber Monday like a normal person. While browsing Amazon, I found this deal that you may be interested in to treat yourself or your geeky buddies.

If you didn't bother trying to get all the new 52 books, because it was all just so overwhelming, or fell off on stuff you wish you didn't, Amazon got your back today with discounts. 56 DC Volume 1 Graphic Novels are on sale for dirt cheap. I mean like 3.50 cents.

While it is for Kindle Editions, you don't need a Kindle and can use the Cloud instead. If you want to bring your comics on the go, Kindles are totally on sale right now. Check it - Save $50 on Kindle Fire

If you  think that digital stuff is hooey, paperbacks and hardcovers are on semi-sale too.

Don't forget, if you are a student, you can get a special discounted Student Membership and get half off the Amazon Prime membership which gives you FREE two day shipping on tons of stuff plus the ability to borrow Kindle books. Plus plus, like with all Amazon Prime memberships, access to free videos via Amazon Instant Video. I haven't been a student for a few years, but it completely accepted my school email address. Heh!! Amazon Mom is also a discounted membership program to check out. Hey, any way you can save money is okay in my book!

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