Avengers 24.NOW has 19 Classic X-Men & Avengers Variant Covers!!

Avengers 24.NOW variant cover compilation

All I want for Christmas are my 19 Avengers variant covers!!
Avengers 24.NOW drops on Christmas Eve this week with 19 - count 'em - 19 VARIANT COVERS!!
Which one(s) do you want??

I will say this, a lot of them are really cool! Personally, I love it when Marvel does an homage to some of their classic covers, and that gimmick - cause yes, I'm fully aware it's a gimmick - is thrown all over this book. Each artist takes a classic X-book cover and slaps the Avengers on it, OR they take a classic Avengers cover and slap the X-Men on it!! And they do it all with just enough awesome art and contextual add-ons to make a collector swoon and pry their wallets open.
Its Merry Christmas to me time! I really like these.

Artists like Mike Deodato Jr. gives his rendition of the Avengers starring on the classic cover to X-Men #1, with Loki taking the place of Magneto. Lee Garbett shows Iron Man taking a palm blast from Ultron, just like Wolverine did from that Sentinel on the famous cover of Uncanny X-Men #142. Walt Simonson welcomes Rogue to the Avengers in the same way he welcomed her to the X-Men back in issue #171 - "Hope You Survive The Experience!" Daniel Acuna has a fantastic painted cover depicting The Vision and Scarlet Witch as Cyclops and Jean Grey from #$137 - possibly the most recognizable cover in X-history, dare I say!
Tom Scioli takes Avengers #4, that featured the return of Captain America, and throws Professor Xavier - literally - out of his wheelchair! Art Adams highlights the classic Avengers #92 cover, while Carlo Barberi and Michael Allred show off their skills mimicking a pair of more modern 80s Avengers books. Kris Anka "disassembles" the teams for his cover, which proudly displays the ending title, "Chaos part X."
There is also a wacky Deadpool "Twerk It" cover, and a Marvel Animals cover depicting Thor as a goat, Captain America as an eagle, and The Hulk as a grizzly bear. There's also a blank cover for those of you who like to get custom sketch covers, and if you do, I highly suggest you CGC 'em!

The greatest thing about these covers, is that the vast majority of them are cover price! A steep $4.99 cover price, but at least they're not all $10! No, the only ten-dollar cover is the J Scott Campbell snowball fight variant. A cute cover and in-season, its really not a bank-buster, and is exclusive to Midtown Comics only, so get it from their website, or go to the store.
BUT, giving your wallet a dropkick to the nut sack is a Simone Bianchi cover that will set you back $35 if you decide to go for that, or a sketch cover of the same that will run you $75!. And I'm sorry, but I'm a big fan of Bianchi's art, and I've seen better than this. So there's two I can scratch off my list. Finally, a $50 Agustin Alessio team variant that fails to impress me.
No, I'll be sticking with the classic cover variants. They're fun, well drawn, and well, fun. I'm a collector, and I just love stuff like this. I loved it when Marvel did it with the Secret Invasion classic Skrull covers. I loved it when they did those 8-bit variants of classic video games. And I will continue to love it whenever they recycle this idea in the future, because as long as there's collectors like me out there with a penchant for the "old days," this idea will continue to work.

So, what cover or covers will you be getting??

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