Batman 1972 Batsploitation Pulp Art by Francesco Francavilla

Last year, the creator of The Black Beetle (which happens to be one of my favorite series), thrilled us all  with a few pictures from what he humorously dubbed a Batsploitation.  Now get a load some more very groovy illustrations from Batman 1972, by Francesco Francavilla.

Francavilla is better known for his pulpy artwork, which makes a great transition into a funky, 1970's, detective world. A world which I would pay good money to see or read. A mini series comic? Awesome. A short animated series? You damn right I CAN DIG IT.

If Catwoman's amazing fro wasn't enough to put a smile on your face, then the mustaches on Commisioner Gordon and Harvey Dent's Two Face should should blow yo mind like dyno-mite.... Yeah sorry, I just cant help myself. 

Gotham City and it's rogues gallery would translate perfectly into this vintage universe. If I could request it, I'd like to see The Scarecrow as some kind of drug lord, with lots of psychadelic moments. Cool cats like Holly Go Nightly belong in here somewhere too.

It's just a great idea all around, but as of now, it's just one that's getting kicked around and drawn for funzies. Check out these new Batman illustrations and a few that Francesco previously released below.

The Commish is pretty epic. And this GCPD 70's cop car just makes me feel all types of ways.
Want to see more of Batman 1972? Check out Francesco Francavilla's Tumblr.

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