Bob's Books 6/15/08

Ok this was a short week for me. Yet surprisingly good. Spoilers will follow.

•Action Comics 866 – This issue rocked. The way Gary Frank draws Superman and the writing was on point. I so recommend this book. The beginning of a Braniac arc that looks to be the genuine article.

•Batman Confidential 18 - This book so rocked, and not just because the 2 female characters were nude. No, it is a great story and drawn really well. With all the major events involving the Batman cast this book is refreshing

•Gotham Underground 9 – I liked the way it ended. This could have been done in 5 books. In the end though it further develops the rogues Batman and his crew will have to face down the line.

•Green Lantern Corps 25 – The art was iffy at best. The rest of the book kicked ass. Making Mother mercy so powerful and deep was brilliant. I could see this character in any other book facing off against all the DCU.

•Titans 3 – This is officially a guilty pleasure book. It’s about fun and not about a great book. Sad to say that there has to be a difference between the 2. I mean sex, insults and a little hero fight is all 90’s. I’m still o this book

•Trinity 2 – I do not know. DC is really showing off their Big 3. For what? You got me. It is a fun ride not as fun as Titans but fun nevertheless. I expect some kind of depth added to this story soon.

•Wonder Woman 21 – OK! So in one book she is part of the BIG 3. In her own book she is hanging out with Beowulf. What! She is the champion of a pacific island god and travels via clam shell! THAT WAS NOT A TYPO! This story is interesting, it’s true. It just isn’t consistent with the rest of the DCU. Batman has RIP while his other cast and crew is deep in growing and villains. Superman has Gary Frank and a new Brainiac while his villains are being revamped too. WW is in a clam shell!

•Eternals 1 – This book is ok. I am iffy on the Celestials due to them being all powerful and what not. And the Eternals are celestial creations. This story does show promise. I think it would be best to get the mini series before picking this up. I didn’t and it felt like I could of benefited from it.

•Kick-Ass 3- I won’t spoil this. Go out and get this book.

•Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? – This book at first look seems like an effort to take 4 dollars out of your pocket. It is. A good effort though. Here we see the full scope of the invasion. It is not just in NYC. The world is getting Skrull !@#$ed and there is even a resistance. Also we are shown the reasoning of Captain Marvel’s attack on the Thunderbolts. A few more tails of heroes and victims too.

•Skaar Son of Hulk 1 – I liked this book. It wasn’t all put out there in this issue. We still don’t know the full extent of his powers. He does have a mix of both parents it seems though. His home planet has gone to crap since dad split too. I wonder if he will ever meet daddy. Not too soon I hope.

•Sky Doll 2 – This book gets weirder and weirder. And entertaining. The main character being a sex doll is more then she seems. The next issue promises to be a big reveal. The rest of the universe in this book so far is really warped. I would recommend the collection once it’s out.

•Twelve 6 – Ok we are at the half way point and still no action. More character development though. I mean I appreciate it as much as the next guy but damn. Give me something!

•X-Force: Ain’t no Dog – I liked this issue. It is not a necessary issue to have but it is a good read. Wolverine is bad-ass Wolverine in this book and it so works. In the back up story Warpath is bitchy Warpath. Yet it works. X-Force is a hit squad, no more no less. It has to get to some of the team.