Undertaker Loses Winning Streak to Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania XXX

After fans watching Undertaker vs. Brock Lesner heard the 1-2-3 Sunday night at Wrestlemania XXX, they were dazed and confused. Could this be? Many viewers did not believe that The Undertaker's Wrestlemania winning streak of 21-0 would ever come to an end. It took at least a few matches for people to recover from the shock.

I admit I haven't been watching wrestling to the extent that I used to, but I was SHOCKED that Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania XXX. Not because his amazing Wrestlemania winning streak was broken, because all good things must come to an end at some point, but what really grinded my gears was who he laid down for. Brock Lesner, really? A Last Ride and a Tombstone by Undertaker couldn't keep Brock down, and another F-5 by Brock later, Undertaker couldn't kick out. 

Undertaker has been working for a long time for the McMahons. I imagine that he has a lot of loyalty, respect and heart for the business. So after such a long winning streak at Wrestlemania, prevailing every year for 21 years, only to lose to a punk like Lesner is surprising and insulting. Surprising also with all those rumors of Undertaker facing Sting at Wrestlingmania 31, which would have been way more interesting and less shocking of a loss.

Why is Brock a punk? Aside from general whackness, HE DOESN'T DESERVE THAT VICTORY AND ACCOMPLISHMENT. Brock does not have wrestling in his heart, or seemingly any respect for wrestling in my opinion. Brock joined the WWE in 2002, where he wins the Royal Rumble, becomes the King of the Ring, AND the WWE Champion in those two years before he complained of an injury and decided to retire wrestling for his health in 2004. Yet, that boo-boo didn't stop him from pursuing a career in the NFL. After all that great push the WWE gives him in such a short time, he peaces out on some bull. He's a punk.

He gets cut from the NFL late and goes back to wrestling because he can work off the little name he already developed for himself in the WWE. After floating around and trying his take at MMA, he ends up back in the WWE in 2012. I was surprised that WWE would take him back after being dissed, but if we learned anything from wrestling over the years, it's that the casting couch likes big ol' beefy guys. As Jim Ross would say "He's a horse!"

Brock is a meathead who is just doing whatever a guy his size can do to make a living, but I don't see the determination or dedication in him. He doesn't eat, breathe and piss wrestling because it's not in his veins like a lot of the WWE roster. Does he have a place in wrestling? Sure, why not? But did he deserve to beat a WWE Legend and tarnish his amazing winning streak? Nope. At least not at this point in time. 

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