Van Jensen on Two Dead and Cryptocracy & The Flash - Pete's Basement NYCC 2015 Interview

Pete sits down in the Dark Horse booth and takes a load off his brains. Van Jensen joins him to talk about two new upcoming projects of his called Two Dead and Cryptocracy.
In Cryptocracy, Jensen and artist Pete Woods want you to imagine every legend, myth, and conspiracy theory you've ever heard, from The Boogeyman, to the alien landing at Roswell. They're all true! And they are carefully managed and controlled by a secret group called the Nine Families. But now, someone is out to challenge their rule, by killing off the family one member at a time. 
Jensen hits Two Dead with artist Nate Powell, which opens up into a true-crime novel, a crime and detective story based Lieut. Jack Deuble, of a Little Rock, Arkansas who was murdered by Police Chief O. N. Martin in 1947.
Together, Jensen and Powell explore the crime, conspiracy, violence, racism and madness behind the murder-suicide, all inspired by true events.
And before he goes off into his legions of fans that you can hear pawing and batting at the doors, at the safety of his own life, Van tells us just a few hints as to the upcoming battle between Barry Allen, The Flash, and Eobard Thawne, The Reverse Flash of the New 52 that HE created! That's right. Words can't say enough in this new age of "out with the old and in with the new,' as the original and beloved comic book origins and stories become tossed around like rag dolls into bins of sewing machines and pinking sheers gone wild.
In the midst of that chaos, one man arose to the challenge; to tell the definitive story of The Flash's greatest adversary. His exact opposite in every way. The man we know nothing about and everything about all at once! The Master of The Speed Force! The Master of Time and Space ITSELF!!

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Flash 47 hit newsstands and comic shops on December 30th, 205.

Two Dead premieres in August, and Cryptocracy in May 2016.