Rocket Star Sends Pete's Basement Soaring To New Heights!

Pete and Roger join Basement buddy Chris Craddock down in Florida for the maiden voyage launching of Rocket Star's newest aerospike rocket rengine

3-D printed from titanium, this engine that could revolutionize space travel, and even improve things in our own terrestrial airplanes! All from the genius mind of Rocket Star founder and CEO Chris Craddock.

Joining the Basement Crew from Rocket Star are Mike Cassandra, Director of Community Engagement, and David J. Peebler, Chief Marketing Officer, as well as Bonnie Dubrow and Lee Wooldridge, the man who built the actual Rocket Star rocket, The Choppah.

Join the Basement Crew for an interview with  Chris where he explains for all of us non-genius types just how the aerospike engine works! More interviews with Phil Metzger, Jack Fox, Don Platt, and Bob Freedman!

Then watch the rocket take off!

Hit the play button and let's have some fun!