Pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 16 - 5.17.16

It's Pete's Basement Raw and Uncut!! That's right- it's a Civil War-length episode of Pete's Basement guest-starring Dimitrios and Greg! Yes! They are alive! They survived the drunken madness of Episode 400 to join the roundtable this week just in time to talk about Civil War! Who's Team Cap and who's Team Iron Man in the Basement? The boys have a full review of their favorite parts of the movie. The Punisher is Pete's new favorite book (of course) and the boys have a few oddballs that you might have missed, like Alpha King, Satellite Falling, and The Fourth Planet. Supergirl is moving to The CW, and the boys had the info before any other comic news site! And wait til you see what they have for you today! Nothing could do this episode more JUSTICE (hint: That' was a hint) than you hitting that play button right now!

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