Golden Bell Studios' The Valiard Mansion, Movie Buff, & Corporately Mandated Space Adventure! - Pete's Basement @ NYCC 2016!

Marc Goldner of Golden Bell Entertainment talks with Pete about many of their awesome ventures! The Valiard Mansion is an illustrated novel and animation featuring ghosts, magicians, and romance in a Victorian comedy! 

Then there's Coporately Mandated Space Adventure. What if your annoying every day office job required you - to hurtle through the cosmos battling aliens, eating bacterial waste, and even being marooned on a strange and desolate alien world -- all in the name of upper meeting upper management expectations! Ultra School is a super-secret school for super geniuses...and somehow average kid Brian just passed the admission test. What what? Sorry Brian - if you don't maintain your grades, you don't just get expelled. You get your mind permanently erased! From the brilliant mind of Erik Craddock come these two illustrated novels. 

Do you like movies? Do you find yourself throwing out movie quotes in your everyday speech? Then Movie Buff is the game for you!