The Pete’s Basement Newsletter Gets a Revamp

If you’ve been a subscriber of our newsletter, you are already familiar with the no frills, textual format, which is not without its own charm, but this week the Haul is getting, well… an overhaul.

Aside from an advance list of the books the guys are going to review on the show, you’ll also get a little bit of what’s happening around here, some shiny photos, the latest episode, whatever else we think is fun, and maybe a reminder or two about ways you can support Pete’s Basement going even further into the future.

We bury ourselves in books every week for yous guys, and make sure you the latest news on movie and television fandoms months before official anouncements. Your continued support makes sure we can make the show bigger and better. Did you know our Patreon also got a little update along with the newsletter?

What other tidbits or updates would you like to receive in the newsletter that you might miss on Social Media? Let us know at