Bob's Books 7/19/08

OH WHAT A WEEK. I am referring to the Dark Knight movie. This weeks books are ok at best. A few gems in the pile of books though. Spoilers to come.

•Conan the Cimmerian 1 – I was disappointed. A story of Conan’s granddad was not what I was expecting. The art changed to an older style too. I am not dropping the book mind you but it was no classic…. So far.

•Batgirl 1 – I like batgirl. The whole bat family actually. Nightwing could use some help but it makes it more realistic to have a loser in the family. Anyways, this book explains why batgirl went all crazy and killed a few people. She is back in the family and trying to make amends. Nightwing doesn’t trust her though and she also is rocking a secret agenda. The art was cool. The story is too early to tell.

•Batman and the Outsiders 9 - Adam asked why the hell I am still on this book. Well I like the bat family. This book has some heroine called looker. She is a vampire and of course batman knows her and works with her. At the end he discovers another problem to deal with. This irked me. Too many threats at once. But the cast is great and the art too.

•Birds of Prey 120 – It is ok. I know they are trying to build up the team’s relocation to that new city but they need to make it more. Yes I said more. I don’t know what the more is but it sure as hell needs it.

•Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge 1 – I liked this book. They are finally dealing with the death of a major character in a better way. I am not referring to Martian Manhunter’s death. That was dealt horribly. I am referring to the flash. When the flash was killed a while back by the rogues it irked me. It was done quickly and with no big push. Well here are the rogues and they feel bad for killing flash and the hell they are going through. Such bull, none of Batman’s enemies will feel bad. It was better then the regular final crisis though.

•Joker’s Asylum: Poison Ivy – I don’t know why the hell they have the number 1 on these issues. That aside the book rocked! The art was beyond great and the story was cool too. This mini series has gotten better and better.

•Trinity 7 – Finally the villain is revealed! Now who the hell is krona?! I mean talk about obscure. This could be a good thing though. Freshen up someone from DC’s huge history. I just hope they don’t complicate it nor add more characters.

•Mice Templar 5 – I like this book but I do think it would be better as a trade. Not enough going on. It’s too damn epic it seems. Still it’s what I like so I will continue to get it.

•Frank Frazetta’s Swamp Demon – I love these books. Sure I am bias. I admit that Frazetta can do no wrong in my eyes. The great thing that Image is doing though is the universe is all connected. The demons in this book were also in the another book. It is basically one great fantasy world.

•the Mighty Avengers 16 – we finally learn how they took out Elektra. Damn! She took out a few Skrulls before she went down. The question remaining is if she is alive. I hope not. I appreciate a good death. Especially in invasions. People die in invasions!

•Captain America 40 – How long has this whole Red Skull story been going on for? I think this series is great but this arc needs to come to some conclusion and move on. There is an invasion going on.

•Incredible Hercules 119 – It was ok. A good amount of action and it goes by real fast. Looking forward to the next issue. I mean the invasion is religious based after all so it should be a good one.

•Sky Doll 3 – No damn closure. Left things in the open. 3 books for 18 dollars should deliver something dammit! I just don’t know!

•Ultimate Fantastic Four 56 – The art is crap. It looks liefeld-ish. The story with Namor is annoying and the seven look weak!

•X-Factor 33 – I like the crossover between this book and She-Hulk. I do not care for the art. It is not as bad as Ult. Fantastic Four but it was better. The story is great and interesting. Unlike the rest of the X books this one is consistent with their story.

•X-Force 5 – I love the art and the story is great but it is not consistent with the rest of the X books. What the hell! Fix it people!