Comic Con Update

Ok so Marvel is the best at what they do. This is a fact and i dare anyone to deny it. Anyways, this weekend was/is the Comic Con out at San Diego. The big daddy of cons if you will. Reading up on what is coming i was not surprised by the crap DC is going to do. But Marvel is doing sweet things! The main thing that caught my attention is War of Kings.
As you all should know the Kree and Skrulls were involved in the Annihilation events as well as the current invasion. Where are the Shi'Ar? Well they have arrived. Recent events have them ruled by Vulcan, brother to Cyclops and Havok.
The Loser actually conquered the empire and rules ruthlessly. Havok has joined Polaris and Marvel Girl in the Starjammers to fight as rebels. This brings us to War of Kings. Vulcan is one King and it appears Blackbolt to be the other. Yeah he was a Skrull but that all will be sorted out by the end of Secret Invasion.
You are probably wondering why i am so damn giddy about this event. Well it's another cosmic event that will make Marvel better and more interesting. Also this has clear connections to earth. With X characters involved and the Inhumans many connections to Earth heroes.
I love DC and the Green lanterns but what marvel is doing is superb. They have created a huge cosmic cast of characters and are adding to it with epic style.
Blackest Night is going to be incredible but this is something i am looking forward to a lot more. Let me know what you guys think.