AT THE COMIC BOOK MOVIES: ROBIN in the BATMAN Movies (Part 2) "Robin Begins"

All over the net you'll find people's ideas and storylines for including ROBIN into the current BAT-MOVIE franchise. My idea for ROBIN spans 3 movies. Now I want to make this clear to everyone reading this. My idea for ROBIN's storyline is nothing more but minor subplot until the 3rd film. DICK GRAYSON's rise to ROBIN should never take center stage in a BATMAN movie, especially the current ones. His evolution into the crime fighter he will eventually become should be handled the same as the evolution of JIM GORDON, ALFRED, or LUCIUS FOX. The role of DICK GRAYSON should start small and grow with each movie building to the climax of him becoming ROBIN. I strongly believe to make ROBIN work his origin needs to be spread out through multiple movies. Here's my idea:

ROBIN BEGINS part 1 - THE FLYING GRAYSONS die due to an accident. DICK GRAYSON is the only person with information about what really happened and who did it. Word gets out on the street and a price is put on GRAYSON’s head to prevent a testimony. BATMAN finds this out and with the police force still corrupt, BRUCE WAYNE offers to take the child in as a form of witness protection as well as a subconscious emotional response due to the similarity of DICK GRAYSON’s situation. The movie progresses with BATMAN dealing with whatever major story plot that the movie is based around as well as solving the GRAYSONS' death. The general theme of this subplot should be "Workaholic Father (BRUCE/BATMAN) no time for Son (GRAYSON) as well as ALFRED/DICK GRAYSON similarities to ALFRED/YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE. The perfect example of this storyline would be "BATMAN: DARK VICTORY". That book is the perfect frame work to start a DICK GRAYSON / BRUCE WAYNE relationship. This movie will end with BATMAN capturing whoever caused the GRAYSONS' death and DICK GRAYSON finding out BATMAN's identity.

ROBIN BEGINS part 2 - DICK GRAYSON is a now a young teenager and has become comfortable with BRUCE, ALFRED, and BATMAN. GRAYSON shows interest in becoming a crime fighter but BATMAN refuses to train him and tries everything to curb his interest. BATMAN begins to give him direction to sway him away from crime fighting. BATMAN introduces GRAYSON to LUCIUS FOX. After explaining to FOX what GARYSON inspires to be when he's older BATMAN tries to encourage GRAYSON to be more like LUCIUS FOX, an intelligent scientist/inventor/businessman. The remainder of the movie GRAYSON is being trained by LUCIUS FOX and BATMAN to know and do everything BATMAN knows minus all the fighting and ninja training. In a way they will be training GRAYSON to be ORACLE from the DC UNIVERSE. GRAYSON shows relentless determination to be a help to BATMAN so he is trained to help from the safety of the BAT-CAVE or WAYNE ENTERPRISE. At the ending of this movie something big needs to happen with DICK GRAYSON that changes BATMAN's mind about teaching him how to fight. Movie ends with the hint that BATMAN begins to train DICK GRAYSON only in the art of self-defense.

ROBIN BEGINS part 3 - Here is it folks the movie that everyone would have been waiting for since DICK GRAYSON popped up on the scene. This is the movie where DICK GRAYSON's role goes from secondary character to Co-Star. DICK GRAYSON is now a college student and is back home on school break. At this point in time GRAYSON knows all that can be known about how to invent, repair, and use all of the equipment and gadgets BATMAN uses. Also picking up where the last movie hinted DICK GRAYSON should also know how to fight. Obviously he will be no where near the skill level of BATMAN but he should be able to hold his own. While the main story plot advances there should be scenes sprinkled throughout the movie that show either BATMAN exercise/training with GRAYSON while at the same time BATMAN figures out how to solve whatever the major story is. Examples could be: BRUCE WAYNE and DICK GRAYSON sparring while BRUCE verbally runs down the current evidence he has, BRUCE and ALFRED by the computer sorting through information with GRAYSON in the background hitting a punching bag, etc. The end of the movie gives us something happening to BATMAN that requires extreme help. GRAYSON goes to LUCIUS FOX and convinces him to help him with a plan to save BATMAN. GRAYSON is given an unfinished prototype BAT-SUIT. The unfinished aspects of the suit are the lack of logos (No BAT logo and definitely No ROBIN logo) as well as the lack of a BATMAN paint job. This explains the suits dark crimson red look. The only thing BATMAN FOREVER got right was the color red of ROBIN's suit. ROBIN helps BATMAN and the two of them stop the bad guys. A photo of them is taken as they fly away. The picture shows 2 dark figures flying away but one of them has a slight reddish color. The next day DICK GRAYSON looks at the newspaper which has the headline: “”DYNAMIC DUO” BATMAN AND ROBIN SAVE THE DAY”. GRAYSON shows his dislike of the name ROBIN. The ending gives us DICK GRAYSON leaving GOTHAM CITY to go back to school. Here is where you can go different ways: you can have him leave and end it, he can leave and drop a hint about his possible return and continuing his partnership with BATMAN, or he can leave telling BRUCE he won't be back after college and drop a NIGHTWING hint.

That's it!

That's my idea for including ROBIN into the current BATMAN Movies. I don't hold serious attachment to these ideas but I do have a strong belief that the ROBIN character should be something that grows throughout more than 1 movie. My standings on the subject are DICK GRAYSON should be introduced first, built up to ROBIN, and the character of ROBIN should have the same screen time that was given to TWO-FACE in THE DARK KNIGHT movie.



That could work. i could see it done in 2 movies though. He is an acrobat so he really only needs fight training. That works in favor of shortening the length.