Another Character That Didn't Need To Be Created

Okay, right off the bat, I know it's hard to come up with a good, long lasting, enduring character. I'm not saying it's easy. However, when you come up with a character named Strong Guy and he's not a feature at your local circus or bizarre, then you got a little lazy in my opinion. If he were created nowadays, he would have been named Strong Person.
"Let's name him....ummm....let's see, he should have super strength, so let's go with strong, and we'd prefer if it were male, so....Strong...Guy." And to top it all off, his head looks like a pig's ass. He's got the little twirl of hair on his head, I guess so no-one can say that he's bald.
"Who are you?"
"It is I, Strong Guy!"
"No, I know what you are. But who are you?"
"Strong Guy. I'm Strong Guy"
"I'm sure you are pal. Do you have a name?"
And so forth.

He was created in 1984. In a nutshell, preferably almond, Strong Guy was hit by a bus and that's why he looks the way he looks. I think we found a corner piece! But he was born a mutant who had super strength. To me, that's kind of boring.
"I can shoot laser beams from my pores and disappear into thin air. What can you do?"
"I uh....I uh...can lift a Buick."
Again, I'm not diminishing super strength. I wish I had it.
Now, he can also absorb kinetic energy, which I have to say is a plus, but he must mete it back out in 90 seconds or so. Which is what usually happens to me whenever I have one too many tacos.

Now I know he's a very powerful character. So, I just think that they should change his name. At least give his enemies a little surprise. You hear Strong Guy is after you, you're going to brace yourself, but if you hear for instance, Weak-Ass-Punk Guy is coming for you, you might let your guard down. I mean, I'd let him down either way, how do you expect your guard to protect you if you're leaving him up in the air like that Silly, silly.