Time Travel and Clones

There is no better way to get out of a story line than to have someone go back in time or to have a clone come out of nowhere.
If a character dies, we can rectify that down the line by having it revealed that the one who was killed in actuality was a clone and not the actual entity OR we can have someone go back in time and have the slaying of the character interupted all together. If you watched, Episode 27, http://www.petesbasement.com/node/255, Pete gets very irritaed and down right violent at the mere mention of the word "clone" and we all know how Ramon feels about time travel. It's too easy! It's like; well, I can't decide on how to end the story with the Thing being dead, so I'll make him be a clone and the REAL Ben Grimm be buying a bag of chips at the 7/11 when the whole thing went down. It's all too soap-opery for me. If you're gonna have the balls to kill off a main character or any character for that matter, keep them dead. Now the most recent travesty was Steve Rogers. The third way to reverse a story line is to apply magic. Steve Rogers was shot with a MAGIC bullet, causing him to be frozen in time and space. Huh? I mean, we all knew he'd come back, but a magic bullet?
It's ridicoulous and they expect us to just accept it and move on. Bruce Wayne's dead now and he may very well get directed to "rise" and become a Black Lantern. Now from there, he might be able to come back on some Black Lantern technicality, like if once you rise and join the Black Lanterns and THEN drink a grape Vitamin Water, everything is reversed and you become alive again, I find that a little more plausible, because some thought went into that. But if Superman goes back in time and stops Darkseid from killing Batman, then it'll be garbage.