Bob's Books 2/18/08

Ok, so i know i am posting late. It's a 5 day weekend for me and i am catching up on much needed laziness. We filmed a last minute episode. Yes episode 6 almost never happened. You see we all have girlfriends, hell one of us is married. Guess who?
So the plan was to originally skip a weekend filming. But we saw the books coming out that week and decided to pull one out. Guess from where?
Anyways, here you go on my full list:

•Countdown 11 - I just don't know. I hope Infinite Crisis is worth the expensive hell this series is putting me through!

•Gen13 11 - This is so on the chopping block. I loved the original in every form. The art was great as well as the story... for the most part. The whole idea of them being related to Team Seven and all that was great. it gave great history to a up and coming Company. Yet somehow here we are. It's silly! The whole reality spin is so crap! chopping bock.

•Gotham Underground 5 - i liked it and so did danny. Adam didn't like it but you might of noticed he is a little on the bitter side. I could of just gotten the trade but what the hell. The whole idea of batman's rogue gallery being showcased in all their evil is great, not to mention bringing up mannheim who we all should remember from 52. Yes 52, the good weekly released by DC. Pick up this trade when it drops.

•Green lantern Corps 21 - The crew on this book did change, but it's still is good. The Alpha Lanterns have a huge amount of power and i am looking forward to seeing them in something huge, not just a one on one with a lantern.

•Superman 673 - Ok! the cover is of a bug superman! that aside the book is just ok. Once again someone has gotten into superman's mind. this time it's a bug queen with the body of lana lang. Not to change the subject but i could see superman getting with lana. i look forward to the day DC kills lois. Back to topic, it's ok. the only plus one might take from this book is the story of chris kent and how he is coping at technically being superson.

•Wonder Woman 17 - I see this book as a failed attempt at making WW truly part of the big three. I mean she invades her own homeland with gorillas! Superman & Batman would never go there. DC should of taken the whole route Marvel did with Thor on this book.

•the New Avengers 38 - Wow, issue 38 already! This is a great issue. it made sense to see jessica jones take herself and her kid out of harms way. I don't know about going to Stark tower but hey, she was under a lot of stress. The interaction between luke and her was also great, did anyone think that luke was going to hit her. I did! I wouldn't of approved mind you but you could just feel his anger. Pick this book up, its a good jumping on point.

•Captain Marvel 3 - this book is good. There are Skrulls in this issue and you get a feel for the paranoia that is infesting the few heroes that know about the invasion. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel show up in this as well. This is one to pick up, either in trade or hunt for the issues on ebay.

•New Exiles 2 - This one is also on the chopping block. Now mind you it might take another issue or 2 to be actually chopped. Anyways, this book follows a group of x-men from different realities joined together to rescue other realities. It's a really expansive multiverse if you will. The possible angles that Marvel can use are limitless. Yet i see them failing already. The book tries to be too damn epic about things.

•Fantastic four 554 - It has potential. I'll wait and see before i decide i like it yet. The thing can be drawn a bit better though. Reed being all loved is cool too. Lots of cool things taht just need to be brought together.

•Marvel Comics Presents 6 - Another book on the block. This could be used to back up a lot of stories in the Marvel universe, but alas it isn't.

•Nova Annual 1 - Great retelling of his origin. Great showing of how much of a bastard is the virus he is infected with. Nova i would dare say is almost an A-list character in Marvel. He is definitely above Ms. Marvel. Use him right Marvel!

•Wolverine 62 - During House of M Wolverine and mystique were an item. i always liked that idea. Now he is hunting her after all the crap she pulled during Messiah Complex. Their history is being touched on and i like it. Mystique is really shown as a do whatever to survive character. I once again like it. This could be great. I mean if wolverine should get with some one it should be her. Her history rivals his own. He just needs to get over wanting to kill her.

•X-Factor 28 - I might go and pick up the back issues on this series. i Like what i am reading and seeing. They are going to try and rescue layla and at the same time prevent that future from happening. Wolfsbane left the team to join up x-force. She's afraid of going wacko and killing Madrox. While he is in a bad mood and starts a fight with a group of purifiers! and siryn is pregnant! Thats right. this book is juicy!

•X-Force 1 - the art is great and the story has a lot of potential. Cyclops in his current bad ass incarnation is intent on going in the offensive. he tells wolverine to get x-force back together since they disbanded after the messiah complex. They are minus caliban who dies at the hands of the purifiers, and thats their first target. I won't get into it but i say pick this book up.

Thats all the books i picked up this week. Some of you might of noticed no Amazing Spider-Man. It was chopped. I didn't like it and just thought it was done wrongly. Mind you the art and story is good, for the most part. It was just One More Day that it for me. I saw it as a cheap restart tool. Anyways, ciao til next week.