Warner Bros. has NEW WRITER for NEW SUPERMAN movie

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Take this with a grain of salt because I am not totally sure about this rumor. Apparently Warner Bros. Studios has selected a writer for a new SUPERMAN movie. There is also plot details floating around as well. Who is the man chosen to bring the Red and Blue back to the silver screen...

Warner Bros. has hired David Goyer to write a new Superman movie. If the name isn't familiar he is the guy who wrote all three "Blade" movies and directed the third film. Goyer also wrote "Batman Begins" and the story for "The Dark Knight". He recently exited the ABC show "Flash Forward" to reportedly work on Hollywood projects. The buzz around the block was that Goyer left Flash Forward to begin work on a new BATMAN movie. If this current rumor is true it is possible that Goyer left the show to work on this new Superman project.

A few weeks ago Warner Bros. announced The Dark Knight director Chris Nolan was hired to oversee the production of a new Superman movie. It was revealed Nolan will not direct the film but will be in charge of hiring writer and director as well as supervise other production aspects. Considering Nolan and Goyer's past working relationship with the Bat-Franchise this rumor may turn out to be true. Not too far a stretch to think the director of Batman overseeing Superman will hire the writer of Batman to write Superman.

--Spoiler Alert--

There seems to be certain plot details for this new Superman movie attached to the rumor. Here is the rundown...

- The movie will not have the word "Superman" in the title and the new film will be called "MAN OF STEEL".

- The film will take it's inspiration from the John Byrne incarnation of Superman.

- Brandon Routh who starred in "Superman Returns" will NOT return.

- David Goyer's story involves Lex Luthor and Brainiac. The film will not be an origin story and present itself as though the audience already know Clark, Lois, Jimmy, and Perry. The Daily Planet will be struggling due to the internet.The story will also set up an emmense Kryptonian mythology.-

If this rumor is true I personally believe Chris Nolan and David Goyer have the opportunity and creative talent to develop a DC Comics Universe on film similar to Marvel Studios. Nolan and Goyer can set the foundation for a future Justice League movie.

Source: Latino Review

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