Bob's Books 2/23/08

OK, I am actually doing this on time. This week there will be no episode of Pete's Basement. It's a long story, but the quick and short of it involves immigration, jelly and the retirement of Castro. Ok so that wasn't all true. We will be having something of a new episode. tune in and find out!
So i hope you enjoy my review of this weeks books. Please be aware that SPOILERS lay ahead.

•Conan 49 - This book will be done with the next issue. i will miss it. i have always liked conan since i first saw the movies with Arnold. Of course i then read the books and found out that Arnold made a really bad Conan. All that aside this book would of made Howard proud. i look forward to seeing the end and then gettin on the new series when it drops.

•the Umbrella Academy 6 - Adam was right to suggest this book. It was a great book, and they need to continue the story of this horribly weird family.

•Batman Confidential 13 - I'm on all the Batman books, so with that fact out i say that this is probably the weakest. It is not on the chopping block though. it's the telling of Batman's earlly years. In this issue you even have the joy of seeing Nightwing in his original pimpin' outfit.

•Batman and the Outsiders 4 - Damn good issue. The Cover truly Says it all. Tension between Batgirl and Green Arrow is here and then some. There is also a good story in here somewhere, just happens this issue is hijacked by the previously mentioned heroes.

•Birds of Prey 115 - I don't know. I remember when Ed Benes and Gaile Simone were on this. Oh the Good days. Mind you i like the book, it's just that it could be done way better. Oracle could be huge! HUGE!!! Her cast of birds are also entertaining too. I think it should be picking up soon.

•Countdown 10 - Mary Marvel is back.... BOOOO!!!! I liked her in black. Good girls to that extent should be extinct! The rest of this issue was ok. I like seeing Harley Quinn again, thats it. Thank God it's only 9 more issues.

•JLA 18 - It was hyped JLa vs. Suicide Squad. Didn't exactly happen that way, Vixen practically took on and held her own against the whole team. I like the direction they are going with her. This team is so professional too. If you happen to beat them once you had best make sure you kill them. They won't get taken out the same way again. Great Back story on Red Tornado too. i was hesitant on the guy but he has grown on me.

•Robin 171 - As much as i like the Nightwing series i still think Robin should be the heir to Batman. This issue shows him juggling his 2 lives. He has the same issues as Batman, his social life is taking a beating by his night life. i won't get into details, hell i never do, but it's a good book.

•Superman/Batman 46 - I have seen it all. Kryptonite that gets Superman all trippy! The star of this book is Batman though. His interaction with Supes and Zatana is great and the way it ends is a great way to start a run focusing on Batman.

•Madame Mirage 5 - I won't lie. I first jumped on this book to see what a chick in a dress can do. Well she eventually finds out she is dead and it's her sister running around in a truly hi tech hologram. This series "ends" with the next issue til they drop the next volume. Pick this series up or just wait til the trade.

•the Mighty Avengers 9 - OK i am always anti Iron-Man but damn! This was hot too see and read. Seeing the Avengers take on a small army of doom bots while Doom and Iron-Man fight it out was just awesome. I was also a fan of the art which still bothered me. I mean Bagley did great work and he had several 2 page spreads that just rocked. BUT! We all know he is heading to DC and that just took away my high.

•Cable & Deadpool 50 - Final Issue! this rocked. Finally he is getting some love. I mean he has not gotten any love in 49 issues. In this one he did, for the most part. i was a fan of this book since the get go and i was pleased with the ending. I mean they even brought up Mephisto screwing around Spider-man. This issue hands down proves that Deadpool is funnier then Spider-Man.

•Hulk 2 - Ok 2 good books with Iron-Man in them. WOW. I'm shocked as i write this. It does help that he gets his ass handed to him by the red Hulk. This new version of the Hulk takes out Iron-Man and She-Hulk, he then goes on to destroy the SHIELD files on him and takes out the Heli-Carrier too. What a multi tasker.

•the Incredible Hercules 114 - This book rocked. Finally showing what we all have known, Hercules is damn strong and can fight too. Many of the Mighty Avengers show up in this book and they get handled quite easily by Herc. Amadeus Cho in the meanwhile takes a turn for the worse when he crosses paths with the Black-Widow. Kinda did a Skrully think if you ask me.

•Ultimate X-Men 91 - Apocalypse rocks! He so took out the X-men and SHIELD. There are details i ain't saying because i want you to pick this book up. Well go and pick it up!

•the Ultimates 3 - I was at first quite worried with the coloring of this book but it is such a minor thing now. This book rocks. Wolverine is a Bastard! Just the way he should be. Pick this book up and read it a few dozen times. Issue 4 won't be out until April.

•Wolverine Origins 22 - Damn 22 already. Time flies. Anyways Deadpool is in this book and he stole the issue from logan, err james.... whoever. He is hired to take out Wolverine and he drops a piano on him. That is damn classic and you know it! He holds his own against a wolverine who is just trying to ignore him for the most part. He eventually becomes a drag on wolverine and it ends with what looks like wolverine about to go berserk. Berserk i said!

So what did we learn this week? Iron-Man and Deadpool should meet in a book and beat each other to a pulp. i would love to see Deadpool Irritate Stark! That's it for this week, and for those who don't know..... Bob is Ramon.