Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty


All right, someone gave me Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty to read. And against my better judgment, I did.
I'm all for alternate versions of our heroes as long as it's contained and doesn't filter into the mainstream universe.
That being said, Dark Knight Dynasty is split into three chapters; past, present and future. Now right off the bat (no pun intended, ah you know what, it's intended), I'll like to say that there is Monkey-Robin in the future story. That's right, Monkey-Robin. A monkey in Robin's clothing. And he talks! Perfect English, just like the regular Robins!

The art in the "past" story is pretty good, it's painted, but the story is worthless as a Batman story.
The story could have been told fine with a regular ol' knight from that time period (middle ages). There was no need to make the knight "dark". The only element that's similar to the Batman mythology is that this knight, Joshua, experienced the loss of a loved one; his wife. The Joshua character wore a stylish Batman costume for the time with a bat on his chest. Not a REAL bat like Caveman Batman, but a symbol with a medieval twist to it.
Batman is basically a medieval knight with no technology, no bat cave, no Alfred, no nothing. Only his suit. So what makes him Batman, then?

The "present" story changed Bruce Wayne's history. His parents weren't killed in a robbery on the street, they were murdered by Vandal Savage and his female version of the Scarecrow, the Scarecrone. Huh? It's very lame to say the least.
The murder of his parents once again propels him into donning the suit and become the Batman. So he follows Vandal to outer space and they both disintegrate while fighting each other in a Popeye/Bluto-eske style.

The "future" story has Batwoman and her monkey sidekick. That's all I think that needs to be revealed about that story. Why is it that so many different writers believe that the future is going to be full of English-speaking, intelligent monkeys who wear clothing?
Now, Umbrella Academy had that, but it was its own compressed universe and didn't drag any preconceived characters into its story. And besides, those stories were good.