DEADPOOL: MAX is coming soon!!

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CBR has an interview with Marvel Comics Executive Editors Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso, they discussed many things Marvel and mentioned a number a new releases coming soon. One of the titles mentioned was "Deadpool MAX". Here's an excerpt from the interview:

CBR: You think of the X-Men as a line, and for so long we've thought of Deadpool as an X-Men character, but really there is a Deadpool line now. I'm not sure I can keep track from month-to-month what the official titles are or the number of books out there. How many Deadpool titles do you plan on having around?

Alonso: I'll put it to you this way: "Deadpool" #1000 comes out in August.

Brevoort: Can you believe it's been 1000 issues?

Alonso: And "Deadpool" #2000 will be out this fall! [Laughter] It breaks down like this: Out now, we have the "Deadpool" by Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi. Victor Gischer and Bong Dazo’s "Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth," which comes to a close this month – and if nothing else, brought us Headpool and the Deadpool Corps. "Deadpool Corps" – by Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld and featuring Dogpool! – comes out monthly. Duane Swierczynski and Jason Pearson’s Marvel Knights series "Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War." Coming soon we have "Deadpool Pulp," which launches in September. And in October – drum roll, please -- we're launching "DeadpoolMAX," by the creative team of David Lapham and Kyle Baker. For Immature Readers. We have a story to tell, and the only way to tell it is through MAX. Will it be sophomoric? Yes. Will it be fun? Yes. Will it be smart? Define smart. Will there be cameos by some of your favorite superheroes and villains? Yes...when I'm allowed to. [Brevoort Laughs] I'm really looking forward to it.

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Source: CBR