Cowboys and Aliens.... THE MOVIE!

Cowboys and Aliens - Graphic Novel

Cowboys & Aliens was a 100-page Platinum Studios 2006 graphic novel created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, with penciler Luciano Lima..... NOW IT'S AN AWESOME CONCEPT I WILL SEE ON SCREEN!

I lOoOooove me some cowboys! Yee-haw! Westerns rock with all their cool hats, sexy 5-o'clock shadows, neato guns with handcarved handles, and talented singing saloon girls in awesome sexy outfits. This movie combines random things that I have borderline unhealthy obsessions with because I also love me some aliens. I'm retarded for them thanks to Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. That series has me building a telescope and staying up till 2am googling ufo sightings. THEY ARE OUT THERE! 2012, I'm telling you, its the year they let us know the reals... but until then, I'll get my alien fix with this movie. Check out the trailer below. Since I suck, and cant get it to embed properly, just follow this link (sorry!)

Cowboys and Aliens - HD Trailer

Basically, an extraterrestrial species lands in Arizona in the mid-19th century. The aliens plan to squash the Wild West and enslave humanity, but the cowboys and native Apache have other plans. Cowboys and Aliens is directed by Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man). The movie stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Noah Ringer, Paul Dano, Adam Beach, Ana de la Reguera and Clancy Brown. Steven Spielberg executive producer and Brian Grazer and Ron Howard as producers. Cowboys & Aliens is scheduled to be released July 29, 2011 and I'm pretty excited.

P.S: The Cowboys & Aliens graphic novel, is not to be confused with the 1995 16-page ashcan, published by Tom Arvis and Sureshot Comics. In 1998 Platinum Studios trademarked the name, and in 2004, through a separate agreement, negotiated all rights to the title from Arvis, who changed the name of his book to Wayout West.


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