Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series

This weekend the new animated series the Spectacular Spider-Man premiered. I liked it! A Lot!
It premiered with 2 episodes.

1-Survival of the Fittest- This started it all and set the tone for this Spider-Man series. In this episode everyone was freaking introduced. We see the vulture,2 Osborns, i believe we see Otto, Eddie brock and Gwen Stacy, and the Kingpin's voice is heard.... and a shadow too. I won't spoil these episodes but it was great. The vulture looked hot and that says alot.

2-Interactions- OK we also had Curt Conners in the first episode. He is in this one was also. Electro is introduced and his look was hot too. Me trying not to spoil it really limits what i can say but great foreshadowing!

This series i will be watching and so should you. The animation is a bit on the kiddie side but that is made up for by the action and dialogue ... J.J. Jameson looks more like Hitler in this series too.