Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor

So you're in some kind of horrible accident involving keeping shards of glass or metal elsewhere in your body and away from your ticker.....


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Wonder Woman Movie!

Wonder Woman Movie Poster....

First look at The Wonder Woman Movie Concept Poster! Read more »

Concept Art reveals THOR in FULL COSTUME from upcoming movie!

More Marvel Movie concept art hits the web. Click "Mjolnir" to view the first complete look at Thor!

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FIRST LOOK at CAPTAIN AMERICA from the upcoming movie!!!

Concept photos are floating around the web which reveal the look of the "movie version" of Captain America. Click the "Shield" to get your first look of Captain America in his movie costume!!

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Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 21 - 05.25.10

Pete's in Las Vegas and up to no good, but manages to snag an interview with a local comic book store owner. Steve tries to make up for the fact that everyone's not all together and Ramon wakes up early just for you!


Clark Kent (Tom Welling) has revealed that the next season of Smallville will be the last. Read about it here!! Read more »

The Final Pieces...

The Final Pieces

If you've been watching the show, you know I'm always talking about my Amazing Spider-Man collection. I've been trying to get the whole friggin' thing, every issue, as kind of the crown jewel in my whole damn comics geekdom. Over the few years we've been doing the show, I've met a few of you out there with similar aspirations, and some who've just wished me good luck.
So whether you're keeping up, keeping score, or keeping tabs, here's the last 14 issues of Amazing Spider-Man that I need before I finally finish the entire collection! Read more »

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