September 2nd stash

⁃ Buffy the Vampire Slayer 28 - I love this series, and i wasn't even into the tv series. So not jump on friendly though. get the trades
⁃ Batman 690 - So far so good on the batman books
⁃ Batman Confidential 33 - Appreciate the old school batman this book tells of so well!
⁃ Justice league: Cry for Justice 3 - EH!
⁃ Supergirl Annual 1 - EH! like we need another super book.
⁃ Greek Street 3 - One of 3 vertigo books i am picking up. Like the way they are modernizing ancient myths! good writing here.
⁃ Northlanders 20 - This book rocks! You should be reading this book. Read more »

Disney Buys Marvel!!!!!

WOW!!!! So Disney is buying Marvel. Is this a WTF moment or a YAY moment? Let us know.
Me personally, i see both good and bad in this.
The Good:
More Exposure for Marvel - this can be a huge push for Marvel.
More Marvel Cartoons - a whole channel for their cartoons makes it common sense
Marvel Meets Pixar - just got goose-bumps, i am sure the geeks at Pixar did too
Major Player like Disney can afford to keep low sell comics out on the shelves - this is one of the "perks" of being owned by a Corp., they should have your back
The Bad: Read more »

Pete's Basement Mac OS Dashboard Widget!

Now you can finally watch Pete's Basement on your computer... well wait, that's not special. Ok, now there's finally ANOTHER WAY to watch Pete's Basement on your computer. If your the Widget loving type, click the link below to download the official Pete's Basement Viewer widget for your Mac OS X Dashboard pleasure.



Time Travel and Clones

There is no better way to get out of a story line than to have someone go back in time or to have a clone come out of nowhere. Read more »

the Stash 8/26/09

⁃ Predator 2 - Let's hope they are taking the predator culture farther then just hunters
⁃ Batman and Robin 3 - We should have an idea if this series will blow or not.
⁃ Blackest Night: Titans - Can this Blackest Night rock like the others
⁃ Detective Comics 856 - Rucka! 'Nuff said!
⁃ Flash Rebirth 4 - Lateness now added to the "eh" factor.
⁃ Gotham City Sirens 3 - Love the art and the charters
⁃ Green Lantern 45 - Should rock too!
⁃ Justice Society of America 30 - I'm iffy with the new direction, t this book deserves the benefit of the doubt. Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 33 - 08.25.09


After weeks apart, the basement crew is back, fully assembled, to take on a week's worth of good and bad.

the Stash 8/19/09

Conan the Cimmerian 13 - Always good fantasy action.
Batgirl 1 - I am very curious to see how this book works out.
Batman: Streets of Gotham 3 - Except for the new Batgirl, i love all the bat books. Wait, jusry still out on Morrison's books!
Blackest Night: Superman 1 - Bring on the Zombies!
JLA 36 - I don't know why, all i ask, that i not be judged harshly.
Outsiders 21 - Good book, think new story arc begins.
Power Girl 4 - New story arc too, lets hope it gets better.
Supergirl 44 - Surprised it made it this far. This is actually one of the good Super books. Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 32 - 08.18.09


Pete reviews G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Steve tackles this week's comics and tests out a super-power. Ramon discusses the Hero Comics Hero Initiative.

Bob's Books

• Action Comics 880 - I think things are finally starting to gain some momentum. The fact that you still need the other Superman books is ridiculous!
• Adventure Comics 1 - Good book. i don't think Superboy needed his own book, but if DC is going to push the young heroes this is a great approach and they are pulling it off. then again it's only been one issue
• Batman 689 - Grayson as batman has really grown on me. The way they just simply took his personality and made it grow into batman. Real good stuff. Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 31 - 08.11.09


Oh boy. Togas. Don't worry, no-one in the show reviews anything while wearing a toga. That's against the law in New York and Kentucky.

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