Pete's Basement Episode 36- 09.30.08


Pete's Basement's own, Dave, goes to the New York Anime Convention to record the insanity! Meanwhile, the rest of the Basement take turns assessing this week's issues.

Pete's Basement Episode 35 - 09.23.08


Adam is in the hospital suffering rodent-induced injuries, and Pete seizes the opportunity to review Spider-man. The boys have no choice but to comply lest they feel the wrath of Pete's electric razor!

Pete's Basement Episode 34- 09.16.08


The basement crew discuss mule love and movie quotes while Adam and Steve explain libraries to Pete.

Pilot Season! Vote for which comic gets its own series!

Pilot Season: The Genius #1

Ever think that there are a lot of crappy comics out there and you just dont know why they are ALL getting their own run? Well, now you can vote on what comic you'd like to see be made into its own series and which comics get trashed. Top Cow introduced "Pilot Season" in 2007. They release some Pilot issues for you to check out, you figure out which one you like best, and then vote!

I personally voted for the Angelus last year, but Velocity and Cyblade won. They are REJECT Image characters, come on!!! WTF!?! Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 32- 09.03.08


Pete and the boys (and special guest Penny Dreadful!) review some of the independent projects that have crossed the Basement table! SEE: Steve's room! SEE: Penny's Corner of Doom! SEE: Pete in a White Tee-Shirt! SEE: Adam's Full Frontal Pantsing! YES! ALL ON THIS WEEK'S...PETE'S BASEMENT!

Bob's Books 8/31/08

This was an ok week. Some books rocked but… you’ll read and see.

•JSA 18 – This is a damn gem! The Gog story continues and as the cover shows Magog is shown. I did not see that person becoming Magog. Seeing Kingdom Come Superman’s reaction was great too. Don’t miss out on this book. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 31 - 08.26.08

PETE'S BASEMENT WANTS YOU! (for a little hot billy goat action.) So saddle up, and get your Stooge on, cause this week, the Basement Madness Syndrome is in full effect.

Bob's Books 8/21/08

This week was ok. Which surprised me with the quantity of crap i picked up. Expect spoilers.

•Conan the Cimmerian 2 – Thank god there is a connection between Conan and his grandparents. If not the first 2 issues would have been a waste.

•Batgirl 2 – Uh, I could of done without another “ I wanna kill my father story”. I mean if Batman is really going to be out of the picture use this damn issue to make Batgirl relevant. Read more »

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