Pete's Basement Episode 26 - 07.22.08


It's finally here! Pete's STD results! -- No -- The Mount Carmel Feast! Oh, and the guys talk about good deals, bad drawings, and non-events.

Bob's Books 7/19/08

OH WHAT A WEEK. I am referring to the Dark Knight movie. This weeks books are ok at best. A few gems in the pile of books though. Spoilers to come.

•Conan the Cimmerian 1 – I was disappointed. A story of Conan’s granddad was not what I was expecting. The art changed to an older style too. I am not dropping the book mind you but it was no classic…. So far. Read more »


What's Crackalackin Basement Fans?! I hope you peeps are ready for "THE DARK KNIGHT"!!!!! It's about to hit us like an atomic comic book cinema sidekick to the side of your oldest ancestor's ancestor's neighborhood who was friends with a guy downtown who tamed a raptor and rode him like a horsey grandma's head............... Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 25 - 07.15.08


Real Pete! Real Steve! Real Adam! This week the boys return to form, reviewing the funny books we all love. Adam reviews some of Northern Ohio's comic book stores, Steve eats a former host, and Pete laments the end of one of his favorite books. All this, and the mystery of...MINI-FISH.

Bob's Books 7/12/08

It was truly a good damn week. Spoilers to come.

•Ultimate Origins 2 – I normally read books in company alphabetical order. Yes I know, I am a geek. But a big geek that can get away with whatever I usually feel like. All that aside I saw the Gabriele Dell’otto cover and just had to read it. His covers are freaking great. I loved his stuff during Secret Wars a while back. Anyways this is a truly great series. How is it that Marvel is pulling off 2 events while DC is struggling with 1? Read more »

Skrull Pete's Basement Ep. 1 Part II - 07.08.08

Can Steve fend off the Skrull Basement Insurrection? Will the real Basement Crew ever be recovered safely? Why am I asking you, since I work here? Find out this week on Skrull Pete's Basement Episode 1, Part II - The Legend of Fisty's Gold...

Bob's Books 7/3/08

OK I missed a week. So here are almost 40 books. Be warned I say crap a lot. LOL

•Echo 4 – I still like this book. It comes out more frequently then Rasl and so I like the growth of the characters and plot. The power of the weird armor is finally being shown more and the influence of the military is in play too.

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer 16 – It’s a new story arc and everyone should jump on this book if they haven’t already. There are consequences from the last arc that are easy enough to understand. Read more »

He will be missed. R.I.P. Michael Turner

A short time ago pete sent me a text and told me the news. I am shocked and saddened. I am sure I speak for the whole cast and crew in mourning the passing of this great artist, this great icon.
I remember first seeing his art on Witchblade. I fell in love with his art as well as his character. I was never a fan of variant covers either. His art though was above and beyond and made me get over my punk belief on variants. I gladly picked up his Teen Titans #1 variant. He was also the reason I started to collect Superman a few years back. Those covers were exquisite! Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 24 - 06.24.08


Something's not right with the basement crew, and Pete suspects everyone. This week, his suspicions are confirmed.

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