Meet GI Joe's 'Heavy Duty'. He used to make sex with boys in prison.

Well, not really.

But when former 'Oz' star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje wasn't shanking Aryans over smokes in the aforementioned prison drama, he was most likely cornholing soft-skinned little boys named 'Terrence' or 'Harley'.


More pics have been released. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 17 - 05.06.08


Steve disappears after Comic Con, and the basement breaks down into madness. Pete challenges Adam to a duel of words and Ramon can't help but watch.

BloodRayne: A Fan Film

We just received word from our friend Lara Croft (*see Pete's Basement Episode 16 -Ed.) aka Vera VanGuard that BloodRayne: A Fan Film is completed and available for viewing right now! It's a self-described super cheesy fan film where she fights Nazis, and there just may be a cameo by Captain America. Head on over to and check it out!

Get down with MC Frontalot and Nerdcore!

Yo Brothers! Get down with your main man MC Frontalot and the other Nerdcorers. I just came across this on the internet show Geek Entertainment TV. It's the rise of Nerdcore, or nerds rapping about geeky things. Check out the documentary Nerd Core Rising. Don't miss the Extra Footage, with some awesome live performances.

Bob's Books 5/2/08

One hell of a week. Here goes. There are spoilers ahead.

• Action Comics 864 - Good issue considering it is just coming off of a great damn run by Johns and Frank. The addition of Batman and Lightning Lad was a great idea. This ends with a big ad for the Final Crisis: legion. I must admit I am not sure about this Crisis thing. Read more »

Milo Ventimiglia "Rest" Interview

Pete's Basement caught up with this Hero and his best bud, Russ Cundiff at the New York Comic Con '08 and asked him about comics, love, and what makes him cry. (Excerpt from episode 16) Read more »

Iron Man the Movie Game Interview

Pete's Basement corners a Sega rep at NY Comic Con and gets the lowdown on the Iron Man the Movie Game (Excerpt from episode 16) Read more »

New Spider-Man Video Game Interview

Pete's Basement corners a guy from Activision about the upcoming Spider-Man game at the New York Comic Con '08. (Excerpt from episode 16) Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 16 - 04.29.08


Could it be possible to top last week's episode? Yes. Oh GOD yes. We've got authors, artists, costumes, and celebrities. We take a sneak peak at the new Iron Man the Movie video game and the new Spider-Man video game. We talk with Milo Ventimiglia about his new comic "REST". Plus the big reveal -- Pete fulfills his ULTIMATE GEEK FANTASY. Enough of this Jibba-Jabba! On with the show!

THE DARK KNIGHT **New Movie Poster**

The Dark Knight (Movie Poster #2)

This has to be one of the best Comic Book movie posters ever made!!!

Click Thumbnail to view full size:

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