Bob's Books 5/16/08

It’s been an interesting week. DC and Marvel go head to head in space and Batman is heading to the grave. Marvel also works with the French, Soleil Comics to be more precise.

•Batman 676 – This begins the much-awaited R.I.P. story arc. So far I could care less for this series. Too much foreboding and a really crappy looking set of villains dominate this book. The gem of this book is the Joker though. He is written and drawn in a truly incredibly evil way. Read more »

Anime Batman pwns your effing SOULS, Geek Knobs!

For the eleven of you out there who haven't seen it, meet Batman: Gotham Knight, by the good folks who brought you the Animatrix. It's the in-between parts from Batman Begins and Dark Knight.

My wang is positively RIGID.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Marvel has unveiled the 4 minute trailer to the new Nicktoons cartoon Wolverine and the X-Men. This cartoon follows a different line up of mutants trying to prevent a horrible future from happening. Basically a modern version of the classic "Days of Future Past" arc.
The arc has been done and redone more times then we can count but this time with a more update look and what appears to be a huge cast of characters, this cartoon seems like a sure bet. I mean they show Dust, Genosha, and so much more. Read more »

Marvel Bets It All On The Studio

So, you're Marvel, a hundred-millionaire paper business, and a billionaire movie studio wants to make a movie about Spider-man. You let him for the low low fee of 5%. Seems like a sweet deal, except that Spider-man movie becomes one of the most popular movies ever made, and rakes in billions world-wide. And now you're thinking - shit, that's my Spider-man! I should have those billions. What do you do? Read more »

Bob's Books 5/9/08

OK, we have another week and another set of books. Most of them are good and most of those were from marvel. Surprised?

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer 14 – I love this damn book. It does not take itself seriously and yet it does too. You love the characters and the way they interact but it isn’t a soap opera. I would so recommend this book to anyone.

•Conan 50- Damn series has ended. Only to return in June as Conan the Cimmerian. This series was great for fans of fantasy and sword and sorcery lovers. Read more »

Meet GI Joe's 'Heavy Duty'. He used to make sex with boys in prison.

Well, not really.

But when former 'Oz' star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje wasn't shanking Aryans over smokes in the aforementioned prison drama, he was most likely cornholing soft-skinned little boys named 'Terrence' or 'Harley'.


More pics have been released. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 17 - 05.06.08


Steve disappears after Comic Con, and the basement breaks down into madness. Pete challenges Adam to a duel of words and Ramon can't help but watch.

BloodRayne: A Fan Film

We just received word from our friend Lara Croft (*see Pete's Basement Episode 16 -Ed.) aka Vera VanGuard that BloodRayne: A Fan Film is completed and available for viewing right now! It's a self-described super cheesy fan film where she fights Nazis, and there just may be a cameo by Captain America. Head on over to and check it out!

Get down with MC Frontalot and Nerdcore!

Yo Brothers! Get down with your main man MC Frontalot and the other Nerdcorers. I just came across this on the internet show Geek Entertainment TV. It's the rise of Nerdcore, or nerds rapping about geeky things. Check out the documentary Nerd Core Rising. Don't miss the Extra Footage, with some awesome live performances.

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