Pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 17 - 5.24.16

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season finale, Game of Thrones, and Flash have the roundtable talking this week. It's a full house with Cheezeburger, Chris Craddock, and Greg joining the party. New York Comic Con has new rules for tickets. Pete is livid about Civil War II's 1 in 1000 variant. Plus we'll be dropping all sorts of bombs this week, so you'll want to be tuning in for the scoop months before the mainstream geek sites have it!

The Avengers Relaunch

In May we get a revamped Avengers. Bendis and Romita Jr. are apparently at the helm of the main book. Images have been posted and the message boards are spilling over with raves and bile.

Me, I am excited. I know that it is not a good idea to get psyched for a Marvel project, especially one by Bendis but I cannot help it.

My desire for a great Avengers lineup and book is strong. I refuse to say anything negative about this till it is warranted. I think Bendis can script a story well and Romita Jr's art is fine for me on a book with a lot of action. Read more »

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