501st Legion Blast-A-Trooper NYCC 2015

The Empire City Garrison invaded New York Comic Con 2015 and let people shoot at them... for charity! Bob DeSimone with the 501st Legion tells us some of the organizations purpose, and how they raised money at NYCC in a fun way. Read more »

Pete's Basement No Shave November - UPDATE!

Only one more week to go before peak facial hair status! What do the guys look like now? Read more »

Pete's Basement No Shave November - Meet The Team

The Pete's Basement crew is participating in No Shave November. The goal of No-Shave November is to grow cancer awareness by embracing hair and letting it grow wild. The extra hair is a reminder of the ones which many cancer patients lose.

Meet the team and join in! Read more »

25,000 - I mean 50,000 T-shirts for Haiti

Help the victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake. Baruch College has joined 25,000 T-shirts for Haiti. Donate your new and used t-shirts to the Baruch Performing Arts Center located at 55 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10010 (646) 312-4085

UPDATE: Shortly after we filmed this PSA, they exceeded their goal of 25,000 t-shirts. Their new goal is 50,000. So keep those donations coming in!

25,000 T-shirts for Haiti:
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NY State Senator Andrew Lazla

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