G.I. Joe Cobra Original Art for Sale!

J.K. Woodward original from G.I. Joe Cobra #6

J.K. Woodward is offering a couple of his original G.I. Joe paintings for sale on comicarthouse.com! That's right, YOU can own a piece of comic book/G.I. Joe history. Gouache on heavy artist paper. Price, not bad. Not bad at all for these monumental originals. Go buy em quick, before someone beats you to it. He's only offering two pieces, both of which were seen on this week's episode of Pete's Basement, by the way. So if you want to clone us, you just might be able to find our precious DNA clinging to them as well. I wouldn't advise that though. Our clones would most certainly be evil, or at least real pricks!

Check out the sale here: http://www.comicarthouse.com/woodwardgijoe.html Read more »

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