Pete's Basement Season 10, Episode 9 - 3.15.17

It's Pete and Ramon at the roundtable this week for a week of scathing reviews of this week's comics, a brief discussion of Logan, and a review of Iron Fist's reviews! Should they be believed? Danny Rand is a white guy, and why that's okay. RL Stine's Man-Thing hits shelves, but did it give the boys goosebumps? Artsy Pete takes center stage to talk about Grass King's watercolors, and another offering from Vault Comics gets top marks in the form of Powerless. And there's a lot more in store for you, too! Just hit the play button and find out.

Shipping Comics Unprotected! Ebay Users Beware! Pete's Basement Extras!


Pete talks to the Basement fans about a nasty eBay experience he had recently that, when all was said and done, left a really bad taste in his mouth.
Good thing he's got plenty of whiskey to wash it down!
Don't get burned by a seller again! Check out this segment and follow Pete's advice!

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Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 50 - 12.14.10

It's coooold in the basement, so everyone told Pete: Nuts to you, we're doing segments. Pete shed a tear, but he moved on and managed to review comics, and announce the art contest winner.

Pete's Basement Episode 45 - 12.02.08


Pete takes to drinking as he reminisces on the ungodly amounts of money he spent at the Big Apple Con! Steve warns us of zombies! And in a special segment, Roger lets us in on what keeps him going -- with a surprise ending!

Pete's Basement Episode 43- 11.18.08


Pete, Steve, Dr. Doom, and a Chewbacca look-alike are set loose on the 2008 National Big Apple Comic Book, Art, Toy, & Sci-Fi Expo. Everyone leaves a little bit violated from this one.

Pete's Basement Episode 26 - 07.22.08


It's finally here! Pete's STD results! -- No -- The Mount Carmel Feast! Oh, and the guys talk about good deals, bad drawings, and non-events.

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