Pete's Basement Season 5, Episode 34 - 8.28.12

Pete and Ramon take off while Steve and Laticha introduce another Best Of episode.

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 48 - 11.30.10

The boys were off for Thanksgiving but introduce yet another clip show!

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 30 - 07.27.10

It's another BEST OF show! That's right, put that in your pipe and smoke it! Join Pete, Adam, Ramon, Steve and the usual gang of geeks and nerds and look back at some of the best moments in the basement!

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 47 - 12.01.09

It's the 99th episode and to celebrate the boys have taken the week off and in their place, we have compiled the best clips from the most recent episodes. And bonus! Be sure to check out an unseen outtake from season 1 during the credits!

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